Why would you become a sponsor?

Sponsoring the Drupalcamp is an excellent opportunity to promote your business in an environment of innovative technologies such as the Drupal community and OpenSource values, and also to give you a chance to connect with talent and clients who are attending the Drupalcamp. Drupalcamp is a non-commercial event and sponsorship is vital for our success. The event is organized and run entirely by volunteers, but there are obviously costs to be covered.

10% discount for previous sponsors and a 10% discount for early bird sponsor packages. Early bird sponsor packages end on January 15, 2017.

If you are interested in sponsoring DrupalCamp Transylvania 2017, please contact us.

Special packages

Social activities Coffee break
3 * 250 € + 1 * 500 € 350 € - 1 (sold out)
Paintball, go-kart, archery were big hits last time, but you as a sponsor can come with suggestions. You will be presented as the host and your brand will be featured during the activity. Drupalers turn coffee into code. You can be our caffeine dealer. So chip in and sponsor some happiness.
Snacks Drinks
350 € - 1 available 350 € - unlimited :)
To much drupaling makes you hungry, so you can sponsor some much needed snacks. Expose your brand at the buffet. Let's stay hydrated! We're not talking just about water.
Party €500
Social activities 3 €250
Coffee break 1 €350
Snacks 1 €350
Drinks unlimited €350

Traditional Packages

Level Diamond Gold Silver Community
Number of sponsors at this level 1 (sold out) 2 (sold out) 3 (sold out) unlimited

Free tickets included
(additional tickets can be bought online)

10 6 3 1
Presentation stand at the event

Diamond Size

Gold Size

Only rollup -
Personalise the WiFi credentials Yes - - -
Sprint room named after your company - Yes - -
Keynote (Exclusive session)
It must be a relevant Drupal topic
1 1 - -

Logo added to the event's banners,
printed on the event's material and
featured on our website and in newsletters.

Diamond Size

Gold Size

Silver Size

Merchandising in the welcome pack Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sponsorship value 1,500 € 1,000 € 500 € 250 €


Diamond €1500
Gold 2 €1000
Silver 3 €500
Community unlimited €250

For detailed info about the above packages, please switch to the desktop version.

Media partnership  

You can also become our media partner! Help us reach a broader audience and spread the word to your followers!. In exchange, your logo will be featured on the website.


Media partners

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