Kickstart Drupal development

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We all face the tedious setup of a project before starting to really do what our job is, be it that it's writing code, designing or testing. Many hours go to waste repeating the same procedures on different machines. Strangely this part in development doesn't get automated enough. It seems like maddness trying to, doesn't it?

Another problem is structuring. I have seen websites developed in different envrionments. Having php 7 locally while pushing to php 5 server, then realising that the code is not compatible. Having too many servers and all kinds of services on one machine, as you work on more and more projects. This all leads to chaos as conflicts are more prone to happen.

In the last few years tough, virtualization has advanced quite a bit. You have probably heard of the almighty Docker. This tool can solve the problems listed above. So what's the problem? Developers seem to take it on very slowly as it isn't that easy to learn and doesn't provide user friendly usage. You still gotta get in there and configure it manually, unless you get lucky and find an image that fits your needs. Yeah, we developers are lazy!

Wouldn't it be awesome if we had a tool that manages our porjects? I will be presenting you a command line utility that with as few as possible questions will compose your environment, create the strcuture for your project and keep track of it for easy managment. Create new or convert from existing and be able to share the same environment without any effort. Want to start working on a group project? Just type in one command and have it in a few seconds open in your browser. Let's automate as much as we can, after all informatics is all about that.

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